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Los Angeles, CA

Located in downtown Los Angeles, taking full advantage of LA's urban culture and serving as a hot spot for visitors to gather from around the world.

The exterior of the weather house will be gradient colored. It allows the public to see through the building and clearly experience the different dramatic effects between indoor and outdoor.

Welcome to

California Weather House.

01. Rain House

Umbrellas and rain jackets are offered at the entrance!

A room filled with balloons and rain dropping from ceiling.

Pull any wire to randomly control the volume of the rain. The rain will become heavier or lighter, it is time to test your luck!

Find the biggest balloon and swing the wire to change the direction of the dropping rain.

02. Snow House

Get ready to play in the snow with your friends!

Snow will fall from the ceiling and create the playground allowing you to enjoy a sense of winter.

03. Dark House

Bring the starlight back to city.

Within this dark space, there will be the starry sky on the ceiling. 

Sit on any lighted swing to turn off the lights and enjoy the peaceful darkness and serene sky.

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