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Knoq is a remote communication tool that allows creative collaborators to share and review tangible objects in space. 

Sponsored by HP

Collaboration with Chloe Kim(GX), James Chu(GX) and Juno Park(PD)


How are creative collaborators communicating remotely?

Through endless chains of e-mails, phone calls, video chats, or a mixture of multiple methods. There are clear pain points to our current methods: distant collaboration, misinterpretation, and delay in progress.

Face-to-face communication

The future of remote communication is allowing users to feel like they’re not distant from one another. Enabled by technology, direct understanding and global collaboration should be seamless.

Creative Hub

The main device that can project a 2D image, both above and on to the desk surface (interface). Projection above replicates a 3D image of an object. This is a simple method, inspired by Pepper’s Ghost Pyramid that can alter a 2D projection into a 3D hologram.

Feasibility mock up of projection

Tangible Image

A transparent reflector alters the 2D image into a 3D illusion. This allows the user to review/control an object as if it is placed in front of them.

Maneuver with ease

Review and maneuver object information easily with Knoq stylus. No need for jumping between multiple editing tools and software programs.

Keep it basic with UI

Keep track of edit history and sketch directly on to the desk surface for efficiency.

Distant communication that doesn't feel distant

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